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Uing the right cloth is actually more important than you may think. Technology has revolutionised cleaning, never has it been so easy to preserve household items in pristine condition without toil. What's all the fuss about, you may say, but OPH is not about fuss, it's about using the right tools for the job and getting it right first time by uing our easy to follow guide on What Cleaning Cloth to use. microfiber cloth

Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber is highly absorbent and therefore doesn't leave a residue. Effective on oil and is widely used in the motor trade where the non abrasive surface makes it ideal for cleaning without scratching. As microfiber is efficient without the use of detergents it is highly cost effective as the cloths can be used time and time again. eclocths E-Cloth Range

A range of eco friendly clothsto use throughout the home.

The General Purpose Cloth

Ideal for use in the kitchen, working beautifully on hard surfaces and thick grease. The thicker fibres aid rapid absorbency and durability.

The Glass & Polishing Cloth

Works wonders in making stainless steel shine. Use on taps, kettels and stainless steel sinks or anywhere around the home. Equally effective on glassware, dry without the dreaded 'plumming'that other cloths may leave behind. Ideal for mirrors, cleaning without smears and without the need for detergents.

Anti-Bacterial Cloth

Similar to the General Purpose Cloth but the Anti-Bacteria Cloth incorporates nano-silver to kill the bacteria trapped in the cloth. Suitable for use around the home, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom or in homes with children and pets. magic duster

Magic Duster

The Magic Duster has simply revolutionised dusting. The unique dusting system, complete with extenable handle to reach those out of the way places, trapping the dust rather than dispersing it, makes light work of cleaning your home. antistatic cloth

Anti Static Cloth

For the removal of dust and the prevention of static electricity. Suitable for television screens, computer screens, lenses.



J-Cloths, cheap and cheerful and can purchased by the roll. They are non-absorbant and therefore unsuitable for mopping up even small spillage. Possibly the most overrated cleaning cloth on the market. From which cleaning cloth, to cleaning tips
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