Top 5 Painting Tips

Top 5 Painting Tips - Introduction

Some of the pitfalls involved in painting can put a real dampener on things and turn into a arduous task, rather a quick and simple one. I've compiled a light-hearted of Five Painting Tips,which are aimed to make your life easier when painting.

1) Top 5 Painting Tips - Prevent Drips - When you pour paint into the rolling tray or put the lid back on it, do you find that paint drips down the side of the tin or that paint squirts everywhere? Well, if that does happen this is the tip for you. Here, grab a sharp implement like a screwdriver and carefully pierce holes in the lid groove of the tin (the ridged section where the lid fits in). Doing this will see to it that any excess paint will drip back into the tin, rather than down the sides. Additionally it will enable the lid to be sealed tight when you've finished painting.

2) Top 5 Painting Tips - Reduce Brushmarks - In order to reduce unsightly brush marks when you have finished painting see to it that you don't pull the brush away sharply whene finishing any stroke; instead, in a smooth and controlled motion drag the brush into the finished section.

3) Top 5 Painting Tips - Paint at Least Twice - This tip is not referring to painting a wall once, leaving it to dry and then adding a second coat, I mean, when using a roller go over the same section at least twice i.e. don't just do it the once and think that particular section is fine, the chance are that once it dries tiny holes caused by air bubbles will appear. Stop this from happening by applying this tip.

4) Top 5 Painting Tips - Prevent Bumps and Chips - One of worst things I see from people's painting efforts is lumpy bumps and chips on the surface of walls and doors. This unsightly scenario can easily be avoided. Most people dopn't understand that these occurances happen because people use to much paint. To put an end to this just use the right amount of paint for the wall and don't put too much paint on the brush when dipping it into the tin.

5) Top 5 Painting Tips – Thin Paint - Following on from number four – in fact they both stroll hand-in-hand. To ensure a silky smooth finish when painting don't be afraid of thinning the paint. Not only will it reduce the chances of bumps from appearing it will make the paint stretch further. For this painting tip see to it that you use a recommended thinner; it should stipulate this on the paint tin. If not, ask the shop where you purchased the paint from, they will be more than happy to help you – because it could mean you purchasing it from them ;-) - to ensure the right consistency let the paint drip off the paint stirrer. Place the stirrer in the paint gently remove and if the gloss drips to about 2 inches or 5 cm off the bottom of the stick then it is perfect (See image below)

dripping paint brush

When paint is stored for long periods of time moisture evaporates form it, thus making it thicker, so adding some thinner to it will work wonders.

Those are my top tips for painting I hope you found them useful. Why not check out my other Painting and Decorating Tips or go back to Decorating home.