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Toilet cleaning is a task which many people turn their noses up at and therefore more often or not -because of this - fail to clean them properly. The handy tips and advice below will equip you with the tools you'll need in cleaning toilet bowls, tanks and u-bend efficiently, keeping them germ free and smelling fresh

The first rule toilet cleaning - Well, the first rule of cleaning toilets is to make sure you remove all object which are lying around the imediate vicinity of your toilet. Doing this means you won't run the risk of knocking anything into the bowl whilst undertaking the task in hand.

The second part of this tip refers to any objects which sit on the floor - close to your toilet - such as toilet brushes or bins. You'll need to remove these and give them a good clean because they may have been splashed with urine since their last clean, specifically in male dominated households. A good tip here is to clean them in the bath or bathroom sink, especially if you're planning to give either of them a good scrub during the session household chores.

If you have a toilet rug this should also be removed and cleaned in order to get rid of any unseen germs.

Start the toilet cleaning process - The next thing you should do is open the windows and turn on the extractor fan, if you have one. This will help to get rid of the - sometimes - nauseating odours from the cleaning products.

Next, with your cleaning powder or liquid of choice - and after reading the instructions of course - apply copious amounts around the toilet bowl, ensuring that you get in every orifice and close the toiler lid, leaving it to settle for a minute or two.

A great tip we recommend here at Spring Cleaning, especially if you've run out of cleaning products or are just looking for frugal living tips is simply to use white vinegar and a brush this will give you the desired results.

When the minute has elapsed take the brush and clean the toilet bowl thoroughly making sure you get into every nook and cranny. When you are satisfied with your cleaning efforts flush the toilet to rinse it.

Noticing a brown rim around your toilet - If you notice that your toilet has a brown ring around it and not sure how to get rid of it, worry not. There are two options which are open to you, which - I hope - will allay your fears. Firstly, you can use the white vinegar option detailed above or on abrasive accessory such as a pumice stone, however if you resort to the latter option then make sure the stone is wet or it my harm the enamel.

Cleaning the outside of the toilet - The next toilet cleaning tip we come to is in regards to the cleaning of the outside of your toilet, which is arguably, as, or if not more important than cleaning the bowl. The best thing to use here is a disinfectant spray, targeting the seat and seat lid.

Next - using a decent disinfectant - thoroughly clean tthe enamel on the outside of the toilet and the tank, where many germs may be lurking.

If any pipes are exposed careful clean these too, as they may have been splashed by urine or toilet water. A great tip here is too box off the any visible pipes, this will ensure that the toilet area is aesthetically pleasing as well as making it easier to clean and keep germs at bay.

How can I keep my toilet tank clean? - When cleaning toilets many people don't take take any notice of the water tank. However this should not be the case. Why? Because it is the engine room of your toilet. For example, if you had a motor car and never looked after the engine, then the chance are the it'll fail you when you need it most; the same can be said about your toilet's tank too. Therefore it's pretty important that you clean it on a regular basis, as calcium, lime and other substances can build up and block up and eat away at various components.

One of the best things you can use in cleaning toilet tanks is white vinegar, this is because the acetic acid - which it contains - effectively kills germs and will work to prevent or destroy limescale. Therefore, pour in a good helping of it and leave for about ten minutes, before flushing the toilet a couple of time. You might want to perform this spring cleaning task before you follow the steps above in order to save time.

There you have it you should have a nice clean toilet.

Thanks for reading my toilet cleaning tips, I hope they'll help you. Why not visit our Spring Cleaning Tips BATHROOM CLEANING TIPS page.

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