Removing Pet Hair from Furniture, Carpets & Clothing

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Removing pet hair from furniture and carpets can be a major cause of concern for dog and cat owners Therefore as part of my Spring Cleaning Tips website I decided that I should address this particular quandary by coming up with some key pointers.

In this article I’ll be touching on three key aspects of removing pet hair from furniture and carpets; how to reduce the amount your animals’ malt, choose the right fabrics for your home and how to remove pet hair from fabrics.

Right, now that we’re are done and dusted – no pun intended – with the obligatory introduction let’s tackle the problem at hand.

How do I reduce the amount my cat and/or dog malts?

Although hair loss by animals is a normal occurrence it can also be triggered by artificial circumstances such as rapid temperature changes which obviously will make your pet shed and grow hair more often. One of the ways in which this situation can be combated against is by making sure your pets aren’t put in this situation in the first place. For example if you keep your dogs outside for long periods of time then allow them into the warmth of the home – especially during the cold winter months – then the chances of them malting is greatly increased.

In addition to this ensuring your home is maintained at a constant temperature will also work in favour of reducing hair loss amongst pets. Usually when we leave the house to go to work we invariably switch the thermostat to a lower level or turn it off completely; then on our return to the home we set it to its highest setting, all this twoing and throw confuses your pets’ internal temperature gauge, thus triggering hair loss and gain.

Another common circumstance – which we’ll touch on here at OPH Good Housekeeping & Homemaking - which could lead to rapid hair loss amongst animals is in regards to their diet. If you have noticed your pet shedding excessively then it may be an idea to change their diet and see if this has the desired affect.

Although I’ve never tried this before some people have mixed a little bit of olive oil in with their pets’ food and have reported significant reductions in malting levels. I’m not sure of the science behind this, but suppose you’ll not find whether or not this works until you try it.

One final tip for removing pet hair in regards to reducing the amount of malting which takes places is to see to it that you brush your pet on a regular basis. Following this basic good housekeeping rule will enable you to remove hair before it is shod throughout your entire home and will ensure your pet has a nice healthy coat all year around.

If you have a dog, bathing it occasionally will help to remove loose hair – again, before it gets on the carpet and furniture.

Which are the best fabrics to use within the décor of my home

The best fabrics to use within your home when you have dogs and cats - which shed hair on a regular basis – are nylon, polyester, denim and rayon. Therefore, as part of removing pet hair from your home I recommend that you buy or use throws, blankets, cushion covers etc made from these materials; not only will this reduce the amount of hair which is attracted to them but will allow them to be cleaned easier if any does manage to make its way on to them.

Where furniture is concerned, I recommend that you opt for leather or suede when making your purchases. Doing this will allow you to clean it with little effort, if shod hair gets onto it.

In addition to the tips on reducing pet hair - which I’ve already covered in this section – in order to reduce the chances of animal hair getting on to your clothes I advise that you wear clothing made from the aforementioned materials. Additionally see to it that clothing is placed in cupboards and drawers when you aren’t wearing them, oh, and make sure you close them when you’ve finished putting your clothes away, you’re pets (especially cats) love to explore new places to hide.

How do I remove pet hair from furniture & carpets?

A great tip for removing pet hair from furniture and carpets is to use masking tape. This may sound a bit weird at first but all will be revealed. It’s pretty simple really; just tear off a pierce of tape and place it over the area where the pet hair is lingering and pull it away from the fabric quick and sharp. Your item should now be free of cat or dog hair as any will stick to the masking tape.

In addition to the masking tape trick why not purchase a lint roller to aid you in your battle in removing pet hair from your clothes; these can bought from most pet shops. As the name suggests you roll them against the piece of furniture and the cat or dog fur should come off. The only real downside to using this gadget is that it has a habit of irritating one’s naval cavities which can lead to a prolonged sneezing session plus hair from it comes loose pretty easily and can become scattered throughout your home.

Another method which I use to remove pet hair from my furniture is by using a damp sponge, this is a more affective way than you may first think. Additionally ensure that you vacuum clean regularly, doing this will help ensure that fur doesn’t become imbedded in furniture and carpets. A great tip to use before embarking on this spring cleaning task is to gently wipe down affected areas with a fabric softener sheet. This will help loosen up fur.

How do I remove pet hair from clothing?

As with furniture a fantastic tip for removing pet hair from clothing is to get hold of some masking tape. As with the tip above place it over the area where the cat or dog fur is residing and pull away sharp and quick. Lint rollers may be used to, but be careful of the problems already discussed when using this method of fur removal.

When it comes to washing clothes I tend to use a fabric softener during the washing cycle and then use an additional fabric softener sheet in the dryer. This seems to the trick.

I wish you luck in your quest in reducing and removing pet hair within your home.