Removing Grease from Cooker Hobs

Removing grease from cooker hobs will be a simple task from now on if you follow the following quick and simple spring-cleaning tips.

  • (when the cooking area is still warm) Sprinkle the offending grease patch with salt. Ordinary refined salt will do the trick.
  • Wait for the oven to cool down, and just wipe away.


    It’s as simple as that. If you forgot to follow the tips (above) at the time. Just gently heat the hobs, turn off and follow the steps.

    The trick behind this grease removal tip is that the absorbing capabilities of the salt will draw the moisture (the greasy part) from the grease. Like a preying-mantis, it pounces grabs hold of it, just waiting for you to pop along and wipe away.

    If you would like to try another method, then the following tip on removing grease from cooker hobs might suffice.

  • Pour into a spray bottle; 2 part vinegar, to 1 part water.
  • Wait for the cooking area to cool.
  • Spray the greasy area. And wait three minutes.
  • Finally; wipe away the grease.

    This is a simple spring cleaning tip that works, because the acetic acid that forms naturally in vinegar is a grease muncher. It can cut through it like a knife through butter, akin to a powered-up Pac-Man, after consuming a cherry.

    The final method for removing grease from cooker hobs is baking soda. Just follow the same technique the salt method (as outlined above). It doesn’t quite work as well as the salt method, but is still effective.

    Thank you for taking your time for reading this short article on removing grease from cookers / ovens. Why not check out our Oven Cleaning Tips for some more interesting tips of the trade.