Recycling Benefits

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Recycling benefits come in many guises. We'll discuss how recycling can improve our everyday lives. These are discussed below, some are more obvious than others of course.

  • Saving natural resources
  • Saving energy
  • Protecting the environment
  • Adding value to the economy
  • Promoting self-pride
  • Creating business opportunities
  • Recycling - saving natural resources

    An increase in the number of disposable products and packaging has resulted in the planet's limited resources beingdepleted.

    If these disposable items are re-used or re-processed then this will reduce the impact on our finite resources. There even could be a time in the future when the use of these scarce resources will be almost non-existent. If this happens it will probably all be down to recycling.

    Recycling benefits - saving energy

    Re-processing products, saves energy because machinery is not used to excavate the raw materials. Thus cutting down on thefossil fuels which drive these machines.

    Secondly the energy used in the transportation, processing, and collection of the material is significantly less when we recycle.

    Recycling benefits - protecting the environment

    By cutting down on the manufacturing of the raw materials we can significantly reduce the emissions which damage the ozonelayer, therefore reducing the effects of climate change.

    In addition recycling reduces the chances of pollutants being pumped into the air or water. This is down to the fact thatthe initial stages of the manufacturing of the raw materials are eliminated. Therefore reducing the amounts of emissions being produced by these factories.

    Secondly the energy used by the machines that convert the raw materials into the final product is significantly reduced, which cuts down on the negative effects of energy usage.

    Recycling benefits - adding value to the economy

    Recycling benefits the economy by creating jobs. As this industry continues to grow at a rapid rate so too do the number of job vacancies within it.

    The creating of new jobs gives an overall boost to the economy, which in turn leads to greater prosperity for the people wholive within that economy.

    Recycling businesses bring benefits to the companies which supply them with goods and services. Therefore the growth of this industry promotes the growth of their affiliate companies.

    The final economic benefit of recycling is attributed to the contribution to state revenues. This is because allcompanies have to pay tax on their profits, therefore any increase in recycling boosts the revenue of these companies, thus increasing the amount of tax they pay.

    Recycling benefits - promoting self-pride

    Have you ever felt good about making a positive contribution in somebody's life or in the local community? If you answered yesthen you'll have some idea of how good it feels to recycle.

    Recycling actually gives you a warm glow, it makes you satisfied in the knowledge that you are making a positive contribution to the world around you. So why don't you give it a go and get the same glow?

    There are many recycling benefits, so why not go ahead and contribute to this positive trend. Why not visit our recycling involvement tips, to learn how to get started on the road to becoming a superb recycler.

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