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Spring Cleaning Tips

The home is packed full of eco friendly and natural cleaning products, you just need to know where to look.

The art of spring cleaning is based on learning how to improvise when certain occurrences happen, such as running out of bathroom cleaner or wondering how to get rid of an annoying stain. This page along with our cleaning and stain removal tips will help you in your hour of need. So, please, browse at your leisure.



Abrasive toothpaste – Can be used to remove water marks.


Baby oil – This has a few uses. It is generally used to add shine to taps without damaging them. It can also be used to add shine to mirrors.

Baking soda – This is one of the most versatile of natural cleaning products. It can be used in conjunction with vinegar to unblock drains; as an odour eater if sprinkled into the bottom of your bin and an abrasive cleaner for cleaning bathroom tiles.

Banana peel – An excellent tool for making your shoes sparkle. Us the fleshy part of the peel and rub it on your shoes for a perfect shine.

Biological detergent – Can be used as a stain removal aid. Is able to remove bird droppings if the affected garment is soaked in it overnight too.

Borax – This natural mineral can be used as stain removal aid and is very effective at removing beetroot. Other uses for it include slowing down the growth of mold and mildew and cleaning wallpaper. Can be used as an alternative to baking soda (above) too.


Crayon – When it is lightly heated in the microwave can be used as a fill for cracked lino.

Cream of tartar – An excellent solution for removing stains from porcelain when you sprinkle some on a damp cloth and wipe the affected area.


Denatured ethanol– Used as natural mirror cleaner, can be used to remove finger prints from CD’s when used with cotton wool.


Eucalyptus oil – May be used to remove oil or tar from carpet and clothes. Wait until it’s dry and work it into the stain.


Freezer– Use your fridge-freezer to help remove chewing gum from clothing and odours from smelly shoes. Shoes can be relieved of their smell by placing them in a plastic bag and freezing for 30 minutes.


Glycerin - Acts as a very good stain remover especially when getting rid of crayon marks from fabrics.


Hydrogen peroxide – When this is mixed with water it’s very good at removing mold and mildew, can be used as a stain removal agent too, as it’s a milder alternative to bleach.


Ice– Can be used to remove chewing gum from furniture and carpets. It can be used to remove the indentations in carpets left by heavy furniture. For the latter you just leave the ice in the dent and the carpet will rise quickly.




Lemon – This is one of the most versatile eco friendly or natural cleaning products in any housekeeper’s armory. Its many uses include; buffing fixtures and fittings, removing soap scum and remove odours from waste disposal units.

Lime pieces – Can be put through waste disposal units to create a refreshing fragrance.


Methylated spirits – This natural cleaning product can be used as a stain removal agent especially on pen marks.

Microwave – When you have cleaned your work surfaces put the cloth – you have just used – into the microwave for about 90 seconds on full power, doing this will kill nearly all the germs which will be breeding on it. The steam which it creates will also loosen the grime in the microwave too.



Orange oil – Is a very good natural cleaning product at cutting through grease.

Oyster shell–This may sound unusual, but if you put this in the bottom of your kettle it’ll draw the lime scale to it, which otherwise would’ve been destined for your filament. Every few weeks you can throw the shell away and replace it with a new one.


Perfume– Can be added to paint to make its overbearing smell more pleasant.




Salt – Can be added to a half cut lemon to make a light-abrasive cleaning tool. Can also be used as an aid to stain removal.

Sea salt– As above, but is a more abrasive.


Talcum powder – When sprinkled in the bottom of your bin it will absorb odours and generally make your bin more bearable.

Toothpaste– Can be used to remove crayon marks from painted walls. Tooth whitening toothpastes can be used to remove water marks too.



Vanilla essence – Add this to cotton wool and place it in your fridge to make it smell better.

Vaseline – Put this on your hands before painting, removing paint from them will become much easier.

Vegetable oil – Can be used to add shine to fixtures and fittings

Vinegar– This is the daddy of eco friendly and natural cleaning products. This is because it’s similar to an all-purpose cleaner. It can be used on nearly all types of work surfaces and is especially useful in bathrooms and kitchens.





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