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Spring Cleaning Tips – Iron Cleaning

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In your Spring Cleaning Tips efforts have you ever noticed that after a while a brown starchy substance slowly starts to spread across the plate of your iron? If the answer is yes perhaps I can be of some assistance.

My iron cleaning tips will aid you in your efforts in taking action grime because not only is this substance ugly to look at; more importantly it has this annoying habit of leaving marks on your clothing.

Well, less of the small talk lets get started on making your iron spick and span.

Firstly if your iron is switched on, unplug it and leave it to cool down – we don’t want any mishaps now do we?

Once you have followed this step see to it that any water which is in the iron is poured away, this will make it more difficult to clean, as we will see later.

Now that you have followed these actions it’s time to make the magical cleaning paste that will transform your iron from a pauper into a prince – Don’t worry you don’t need magical powers to make it, just a little bit of baking soda an water.

Right, in order to conjure up the iron cleaning substance find a small vessel (the top off an aerosol can will do) and pour into it 30ml of water and 30g of baking soda and mix until a nice paste forms.

When this has been accomplished it is the time to apply the paste to the iron’s plate using a clean cloth. Ensure that you apply the substance to the whole of it, not just the area which has turned brown.

Finally, using a damp cloth wipe down the plate of the iron and marvel at how shiny it looks.

Wait, where are you going? We haven’t finished yet. Now that we have cleaned the plate we might as well go the whole hog and clean the rest of the iron while we are here.

This following iron cleaning tip is the next logical step in improving the overall functionability of your iron. That’s right it’s time to get to work on unclogging the steam ducts.

In order to accomplish this homemaking task you’ll need a pipe cleaner (if you don’t have one of these then a cotton bud will suffice). Place the cleaning implement of choice into each duct and give it a good twist back and forth. Undertaking this iron cleaning task will enable you to remove any deposits of limescale from their hiding places and obviously improve your iron’s ability to release steam.

Are your steam ducts nice and clean? Yes? That’s fantastic; we can now move on to the next step.

Here you’ll need a little white vinegar and some water. Pour the water into your iron until it reaches the mid-point of it’s reservoir, then pour in the vinegar until the level of liquid in the iron reaches the ‘Max’ marking.

When this iron cleaning task has been completed plug it in and leave it standing upright on full power for 10-15 minutes. Make sure you don’t forget you’ve got it plugged in; in fact I would suggest you don’t leave the iron unoccupied during the cleaning process as accidents can easily happen.

When the relevant time has elapsed turn the iron off and leave it to cool down. When it has cooled down to a manageable level pour its contents down the plug hole.

There you should have it; a nice fresh, clean iron. I hope you found these iron cleaning tips useful. Why not check out our other cleaning articles?

Barty McHandy
Barty Says

"If you ever worry about leavng the iron on - I know my creator's sister, lady Alexandra does. Then see to it that you unplug it everytime you've finished using it. And as you are pulling out the plug say to yourself 'It's Friday (or whatever day it is) and the iron is happy because I've unplugged it'. It sounds a tad bit weird but it does the trick. Trust me I am Barty McHandy your helpful little friend. :-D "

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