How to Remove Carpet Stains

How to Remove Carpet Stains - Introduction

Carpet stains caused by spills and spots from various liquids such as oil, red wine and urine. Stains of this type can be upsetting and disturbing to the person it may concern. However. Worry not. With a few simple procedures you can make these problems disappear/

Iodine - For iodine stains blot with denatured alcohol, followed by ammonia, before rinsing away.

Jam and Jelly - If you have kids then you'll be well aware of the problems that jam or jelly can cause when dropped on the carpet; well fear not, help is at hand. For these stains apply detergent to the messed up area and blot away. Follow that by dabbing with white vinegar. Hey presto! The stain should have vanished.

Ketchup - For tomato sauce stains add ammonia to the affected area and blot. If you find the stain persists blot it with 5% hydrogen peroxide (Can be purchased from most chemists)

Lipstick - With lipstick stains you need to scrape off the surface in order not to worsen the stain. When you have done this apply dry cleaning fluid to the affected area and blot; followed by blotting with ammonia. If you find that the stain persists blot the area white vinegar. Finish off by rinsing with cold water, before dabbing dry.

- If you live in damp conditions then mold and mildew can be a real problem (Getting Rid of Mold Article). To get rid of stains of this variety add a teaspoon of disinfectant cleaner to 250ml of water and use the solution to blot the affected area. Next blot with ammonia before rinsing and drying. See to it that you keep the area dry in order to prevent the mildew from returning.

Milk - This stain removal tip will work for cream and ice cream too. Here, just apply ammonia to the affected area and dab

Mud - I have a cat, therefore I have a problem with muddy paw marks on a regular basis. If you have similar problems then this should do the trick for you. Wait for it to dry. This will reduce the chances of you spreading it. Once it has dried scrape away the surface, to get rid of as much as the mud as possible. Dab the area with detergent before rinsing and dabbing dry. If the stain remains then treat it with dry cleaning fluid before rinsing and drying once more/

Mustard - I am a great lover of mustard, but not when I manage to get it on the carpet. If you have a mustard problem then treat it with detergent , followed by blotting it with ammonia. If the stain remains then you can treat it with a rust remover or 5% hydrogen peroxide.

Nail Varnish / Polish - With nail polish stains, apply dry cleaning solution to the area and dab, before blotting with nail varnish remover. If the stain persists then dab with ammonia, followed by white vinegar.

Odours - If you have an odour problem you can find out more information from our General Odours and Pet Odours articles. Generally place a teaspoon of disinfectant into 250ml of water and dab the area. Follow this up by treating it with a water soluble deodorant.


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