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Spring Cleaning Tips

I've written this article on how to clean windows to show you that you don't necessarily have to employ a window cleaner to clean your windows. It's something that can easily be done yourself. The following tips will have your windows, patio doors and skylights sparking in no time at all.

So without further a do, let's get cleaning those windows.

Cornstarch - An excellent window cleaning tip is to add 200g of cornsarch to 5 liters of warm water. Grab yourself a soft cloth and clean your windows the usual way and wipe dry with another soft cloth.

Ethanol and Apple Cider vinegar - This is an excellent window cleaning tip and will leave the glass free for streaks too. You'll need to grab yourself a spraying bottle and pour equal parts pure, concentrated ethanol and apple cider vinegar into it. Before you spray it on your windows or mirrors give the bottle a thorough shake. For the best results use a paper towel to wipe.

You can use this solution to clean mirrors too, and what's more it'll stop them from steaming up too.

Air freshener - Believe it or not air freshener can be use to clean windows. Next time you clean your windows give it and try and see how effective it is. Plus it leaves a lovely smell.

Club soda - Believe it or not club soda can be used to clean windows. Pour some into a spray bottle and wipe with a paper towel.

Vinegar and Water - For this window cleaning tip dilute your vinegar with a water to a ratio of 1:4 (if you use 200ml of vineagar dilute it with 800ml of water). Pour the mixture into a spray bottle, give a quick shake, spray some of the contents onto the window and buff with crumpled up newspaper for a perfect shine.

Baking Soda - Get yourself 300g of baking soda and mix it with water to form a thick paste. Next apply it to the affected area and leave for thirty minutes. When the time has elapsed rinse away with water and spray with a solution of 50% vinegar 50% water.

Window Cleaning Techniques

  • Before you start cleaning your windows see to it that you remove any cobwebs that are lurking. Web cobwebs can become a huge hinderance.

  • A good tip, which I think will come in handy for this how to clean windows article is to clean the i nside of your windows first. This is down to the fact that outside windows will be much dirtier and therefore will dirty your cleaning apparatuses quicker.

  • If possible avoid using ladders as this can be dangerous, try using an extension handle and a squeegee for out of reach windows

  • If you use soap to clean windows don't use too much of it, it'll make wiping the windows a much longer task, plus it'll increase the chances of streaks.

  • When you apply the cleaning solution to the window, don't spray it in the top of the window frame. Doing so will stop water runs.

  • Don't use too much water when cleaning windows as this will increase your work load. Obviously if the windows or are very dirty or it's a very hot day then using more water may be benneficial.

  • If you're cleaning the windows on a hot day wash and wipe simultaneously, to avoid streaking.

  • When considering how to clean windows see to it that you clean in the same direction of the wind, if it's a particularly breezy day. Doing so will prevent spray from landing on any clean windows.

  • When cleaning windows inside place a towel on the floor underneath it to absorb any water that is misplaced.

  • To avoid streaking clean windows on a cloudy day. The sun will dry any solution you use, therefore leaving streaks.

  • To clean window frames do so by grabbing a cloth, dip it in a good fungicide and clean. Employing the fungicide will stop mold and mildew from growing back. Alternatively you can use a solution of 1/3 bleach to 2/3 water.

  • To clean window sill do so by using soapy water and a nylon brush. For a beautiful shine, buff with a soft cloth.

  • You should aim to clean your windows every thrree months. However if you live in a dusty environment or next to a busy road, you'll have to do it a lot more often than that.

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