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Introduction - How To Clean Coins

This article on How to Clean Coins aims to provide you with all this hints, tips and advice you need in order to make coins shine once more. Bring life back into colourless coins.

Coins are like batons which have been passed to person-to-person and if could speak would sure have some tales to tell. So give them justice and restore then to their former state of grandeur.

N.B.Although the following tips do work. If the coins are significantly valuable in monetary or sentimental terms, then I recommend that you go to specialist coin restorer. These tips are for experimental and fun purposes, such as “party tricks”. Please only use these tips on modern face-value coins.

These are great experiments for kids to try. However ensure that they are supervised by a responsible adult whilst performing them.

Cleaning Coins

Ketchup - This may sound like a bizarre way to clean coins and give their shine back, but it really does work. So grab yourself a bowl, place the coin in it and cover with ketchup. After a couple of hours have elapsed, remove the coin and rinse away the ketchup, to reveal the shiny coin. This is down to the citric and malic acid that the sauce contains.

Vinegar & Salt - For this tip on how to clean coins place a teaspoon of salt into a small bowl and add enough vinegar to mix and make a paste. Once the paste has been formed rub it on both sides of the coin. Wait a few moments, before rinsing the coin I n warm water. You should now see the results.

Cola - Because cola is so acidic, it makes it a perfect substance to brighten up coins. Place the coin in a small bowl and pour in a enough cola to cover it. After a couple of hours have passed you will notice that the coin has significantly improved its colour.

Lemon Juice - Lemon juice is another substance that will help in cleaning coins. So again get grab the coin and submerge it in lemon juice. After a couple of hours of soaking and remove for immediate results.

Hairspray - I have just this minute attempted this one for the first time and it works instantly. Although admittedly the results aren't spectacular. For this tip on how to clean coins just spray the aerosol on the coin at close quarters and then scrub the coin with cotton wool or a soft cloth. You will notice the coin shining straight away.

Toothpaste - If you have had fun trying the aforementioned tricks for cleaning coins then why not try this one out. Here you need to smear toothpaste over the coin and leave for 30 minutes. When the time has elapsed, rinse under warm and check out the results.

Thanks for checking out my tips on how to clean coins. I'm adding more and more fun tips all the time, so when I have tested them out I will add them to this page.

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