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“How to clean chrome?” is a question I'm often asked. Therefore I have decided to write on article on it.

In this cleaning tips article I will not only advise you on how to clean chrome, I will also give you advice on how to maintain and repair it.

Cleaning Chrome – Tips

Baby Oil - Baby oil is very good for cleaning chrome and making it shine. Just dab some onto a soft cloth or cotton wool and clean. This method of cleaning works wonders and will remove stains form taps / faucets, pots and pans etc.

Aluminium Foil - If you are wondering how to remove rust from chrome? Then a good tip in exacting this is to use aluminium foil. Therefore scrunch the foil into a ball – The size of the piece of foil to be used will depend on the size of the rust spot. Now scrub at the rust. This best used on patio furniture, car bumpers and even the shaft of golf clubs.

Soapy Water - When cleaning chrome why not use the old fail-safe method of soap and water. When you clean chrome with soap and water see to it that you buff and dry it once you have finished the cleaning process. If you fail to do this you may leave unsightly watermarks on works surfaces, taps and sinks.

Vinegar - Vinegar is one of my favourite substances for cleaning just about anything that needs to be cleaned. This is because the acetic acid that the vinegar consists of. So here place the vinegar in a spray bottle (if you haven't got a spray bottle you can just pour it on a soft cloth) and spray the area you want to clean. Now grab a soft cloth and clean and buff. This cleaning tip will make your chrome sparkle and shine.

Ethanol / Rubbing Oil - This tip on how to clean chrome works in pretty much the same way as vinegar. Therefore spray your taps chrome work surfaces with the substance and clean away with a soft cloth. Not only will this remove marks and stains it will make your chrome steel shine like a star.

Baby Wipes - Using baby wipes to clean chrome is nice fume free way of going about things. Just wipe the chrome with the wipe – in the same way you would use a cloth – and buff. See to it that you buff with a soft cloth to avoid any streaking from taking place.

How To Clean Chrome

Cola - Believe it or not cola is pretty good at cleaning chrome especially wheel trims and bumpers. Grab yourself the cola and pour some on a damp cloth and wipe the chrome down. See to it that you finish the job by drying with a towel or similar object.

Lemon and Baking Soda - For this tip on how to clean chrome if you don't have a lemon you can use a lime instead. Here cut the lemon in half and sprinkle baking soda on the cut side. Now clean up and down the chrome, before rinsing with warm water and buffing dry.

Eucalyptus Oil - Eucalyptus oil is a fragrant method of cleaning chrome. Just put a few drops of the essential oil onto a soft cloth and proceed to clean the chrome. This will remove marks and stains from taps especially and other small chrome items. If you don't have any eucalyptus oil then peppermint oil will be equally affective.

Flour - This cleaning tip for chrome will make even the dullest of chrome shine and works wonders on taps and door handles. Therefore rub the flour over the chrome before rinsing with warm water (to remove ALL the flour) and buffing.

Thanks for reading my tips on cleaning chrome. Why not check out our general Bathroom Cleaning and Kitchen Cleaning tips.

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