How To Clean Blinds (Venetian, Persian, Slat)


These Spring cleaning tips on how to clean Venetian blinds work wonders, and what is more? You don’t have to start taking the thing down to perform these tasks.

Paint Brush - As you know, putting too much pressure on the individual slats can cause them to kink, so this tip works perfectly. You’ll need a static feather duster, a small paintbrush, and a bowl of warm soapy water.

  • Remove dust from blinds with a static duster (you can buy these from pretty much any hardware store).
  • When you have removed the surface dust and dirt. Dip the paintbrush in the warm soapy water and (with care) proceed to clean the individual slats.
  • Take care if you can’t reach the top parts of the blind. Ensure that any use of elevation is secured. If you need to use a ladder or a chair see to it that somebody is holding it secure. For tips on cleaning high surfaces visit our Stair Cleaning Page.

    N.B. A static duster is preferable as it will keep hold of the dust, as opposed to disperse it; although if your budget permits, a duster made with ostrich feathers is the best form of duster. The feathers contain tiny barbs, which trap the dust. Ideal!

    Gloves Due to the yielding nature of the individual slats, using on old glove dampened by soapy water will work wonders. This will allow for more control when cleaning, ensuring that you don’t put too much pressure on the slats.

    If you place the top and underbelly of each slat between your thumb and forefinger and slide them along the width, then this will work very well. – The old sock over the hand trick works too, but not as well as the glove.

    I hope you found these tips useful. When I have tried and tested out some more methods I will add them to this page, so don’t forget to visit us again to check them out. Thanks for reading. Nick :-)

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