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As you know hairbrushes can become clogged up with hair which reduces their functionality and quite frankly makes them unsightly. This article on how to clean hairbrushes will provide you with the hints and tips you'll need to remove the build up of dead hair from your brushes and make them look and work like new.

Without further deliberation let's get started on giving you some tips.

1) The following piece of advice on how to clean hairbrushes should be applied at least twice a month and preferably once a week depending on their usage.

Use your fingers to remove the dead hair from between the bristles. If the hair is proving tough to remove uses a metal probe such as the end of a tail comb, a slotted screwdriver or similar implement to remove it. See to it that you undertake this task over a bin to ensure that you don't get hair all over the floor.

When you have completed this task, you'll want to clean the bristles. Here rinse the brush under warm water and apply a touch of shampoo to the bristles and wipe with a soft cloth before rinsing once more.

Finally dry your hairbrush with a soft towel and place on the side, nice and clean for you to use once more.

2 If you find your hairbrushes to be particularly grimy and caked in hair products then before you undertake the procedure above, it is recommended you soak them in a solution of 2 litres of warm water and 100g of baking soda for approximately 15 minutes.

Once the time has elapsed rinse under warm running water and leave to dry overnight.

3) If you just want to clean the bristles of your hairbrush then with this tip you can kill two bird with one stone, so to speak. Here, grab the two hairbrushes you wish to clean and rinse their bristles (the bristles only) under warm water and apply shampoo to the said bristles of one of the brushes. Next, carefully rub the brushes' bristles together (ensure you do this gently as you don't want to snap them) until all the hair product has been removed. When you are satisfied with your handywork rinse under warm running water and leave to dry overnight.

I hope you found these tips on how to clean a hairbrush useful. Why not check out our other cleaning tips articles?

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