Defrosting a Freezer - How to

How do I prepare when defrosting a freezer?

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If you’re one of those souls whose freezer pretty much resembles a giant ice berg then you’ve come to the right place. I have some great good housekeeping and homemaking tips which will aid you in your battle to clear ice from your freezer quickly and simply

From cleaning silk fabric, to cleaning trips

Make contingency plans for the contents of the freezer
The first thing you should do before embarking on any activity involving defrosting a freezer is to ensure that you have enough room in your refrigerator for the contents of your freezer otherwise perfectly edible food will have to be thrown away, well, not unless you want to poison yourself and your family.

If you don’t have enough room then perhaps a friendly neighbour who has can help you out. If you do decide to opt for this approach see to it that your food is placed in a bag or find some other way to distinguish it from your neighbour’s, this will avoid any embarrassment or confusion for both parties.

Once you have made sufficient storage plans for you’re your frozen food then you can turn your freezer off to start the defrosting process. The controls, more often than not are situated within the refrigerator.

How long will it take to defrost my freezer?
The time taken to defrost a freezer depends on a few factors which include the surface area of the freezer, the thickness of the ice and method of defrosting. What is a definite - in regards to the taken - is that it’s not a good idea to start the deicing process late at night as it may take sometime.

What methods can I use when defrosting a freezer?
There are three methods you can adopt to defrost your freezer: you can leave the freezer door open; place a pan of boiling hot water in the compartment and close the door; or you can use a blow dryer.

However, before you use any of these methods a great good housekeeping tip in defrosting a freezer is to get yourself an ice scraper and try and scrape off some of the ice. Once you have removed as much ice as you can scoop out the loose ice and place it into the sink. If you follow this homemaking tip then it should so you a little bit of time.

Leave the freezer door open
This method of deicing is the simplest way to clear you freezer but takes the most amount of time to complete. All you need do is leave the door open and warm air of your home will do the rest.

When the ice starts to melt pick up the excess water with a sponge and deposit the contents into the sink. In addition to this place old bathroom towels on the floor this will absorb the water that you miss as it rolls down the face of the refrigerator.

Use a pan of boiling water

This method of defrosting a freezer is probably the oldest one. Just fill your kettle with water, boil it (a good housekeeping tip is to fill the kettle with water from your hot water tap, this will save you time and is more environmentally friendly) and place in a pan or bowl; when you have done this pop the pan into the freezer and close the door. See to it that you replace the pan of hot water every 10 minutes and when you do so remove the melted ice with a sponge, oh, you will definitely need to use old towels to soak up the dripping water too.

Use a blow dryer to defrost your freezer
This is good housekeeping tip is a great way to defrost your freezer, but caution will have to be taken to ensure the blow dryer doesn’t overheat. Just plug it in and use it to heat the ice. When it starts to melt mop it up using the methods outlined above. If you do decide to use this method be very careful not to let water get inside the blow dryer as you could be given a nasty electric shock.

What shall, I do once my freezer has fully defrosted?
When you have finished the process of defrosting your freezer give it a good clean (don’t use soapy water or cleaning products to do this, a clean cloth and water should be sufficient). When you have done this see to it that it is dry and then you can close the freezer door and turn it back on. Before you return the food to it leave it switched on 15 minutes, this will allow for the temperature within to return to an appropriate level.

What are the other things I should watch out for?
When defrosting freezer make sure you don’t

Place newspaper in the freezer to soak up the dripping water. If you do the ink will run and stain the inside of it

Use sharp objects such as a knife to scrape away ice. Please see to it that you use a proper ice scraper.

Leave the defrosting freezer alone for more than 5 minutes as you will come back to a he mess.

Let the ice in your freezer get out of control before you decide it needs defrosting.

defrosting a freezer
Barty Says

"Have you ever wondered why you're defrosting a freezer? Well, the excessive ice is caused by warm air getting into the freezer chamber - either by opening it or by damage to the seal. This warm air contains moisture which settles as condensation, which in turn freezes; eventually causing a build up of ice. Try limiting the time you keep the freezer door oepn, to reduce the build up of frost. Thanks kind ladies and sirs. Keep smiling :-D "

Ask Barty?

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