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"Why Should I Declutter My Home?"

Clutter control and decluttering is a necessary function of modern day living. Decluttering your home not only makes it easier to clean but has the added benefit of providing a more relaxing environment to return to after a hard days work. Yes we all gather bits and pieces as we go through life, but somewhere you have to draw the line between what is treasure and what is effectively junk.

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Benefits Of Decluttering

A clutter free environment looks bigger and is easier to move around. A cluttered home may possibly make you feel that it is too small for you and your family and ultimately lead to your moving to bigger premises. Before you put your home up for sale, why not set about de-cluttering, it may be all you need to do.

Cleaning is so much easier if your home is clutter free. The more nic nacs you have the more dust they attract, not to mention the additional dusting and polishing required.

Decluttering may also help curb impulse spending for clothes, books, furniture, ornaments etc. perhaps making you see items as clutter therefore making them less attractive.

How To Declutter Your Home

Discard items that you no longer use

Take a pen and paper and go through your home room by room, cupboard by cupboard, into drawers,making a list of items you no longer use or in the case of ornaments, those which have no sentimental value. Try to be objective, if an item is seldom used ask yourself can you justify keeping it?Consult other members of the household about the possibility of clearing out these unused items. If they agree, then you are on your way to a clutter free home.Tidy as you go. Get into the habit and save valuable time in the long run. Five minutes or so spent clearing up after yourself is far better than having an accumulated mess that may take hours to clean cleaning

Children And Clutter

If you have young children get them to put away there toys after they have finished playing with them. Children who attend nursery or pre-school are always well groomed in this habit form a very young age, so there is no reason why it cannot be carried on in the home environment. Try to get your children into the habit of giving away toys they have out grown to charity shops. This will have a dual purpose as it will instil in them from a young age that other children are not as fortunate as themselves. Take control by encouraging friends and relatives purchase bonds or put money into saving accounts for the childrens future rather than buying toys and clothes when they are already plentiful.

cleaning Deal With Paperwork

Filing documents away will serve the dual purpose of increasing security and of de-cluttering. Get into the habit of shredding unnecessary papers on a regular bais to prevent unecessary accumulation. c


Deal With Junk Mail

Junk mail should be sorted through as soon as it arrives and not simply stuffed in draws and on tables and work surfaces. If you allow junk mail to accumulate, you may possibly throw out important documentation when you come to dispose of it. People have been known to throw out passports, birth certificates and credit cards by accident as they’ve become hidden amongst the pile of junk.


What Should I Do If The Clutter Is So Bad That I Don’t Know Where To Start?

With any mammoth task divide it into manageable chunks.If the entire house needs decluttering then perhaps do it room by room. If the clutter is localised or within one room then do it one area at a time, maybe even one drawer at a time. Don’t panic you’ll get there. clean Decluttering And Ornaments
Too many ornaments make a home look busy and less contemporary. Cut down, if you cannot bear to throw them away then store in the loft or garage, but avoid just transferring clutter to another part of the house.

Adopting this style has additional benefit of cutting down on the amount of dusting you’ll have to do, as less ornaments means less items which need to be cleared of dust. clean Declutter And selling

Why not sell items that you no longer use? Afterall if someone is willing to pay for them, there is every possibility that they are going to a good home. Ebay is ideal for this as you sell on a worlwide market. Alternatively car boot sales are a great outlet particularly for heavier items.


Declutter And Spending

The buying of unnecessary goods from shops, auction sites, markets and car boot sales should be kept to a minimum. Find another way of spending your hard earned cash, perhaps on a family holiday or a new car.

irnoning Declutter And Storage

Maximise storage place in drawers and cupboards by putting things away tidily. Folded items take up less room and in the case of clothes require little or no ironing when they are removed for usage.


Closet Organising

How well you organize your closet or wardrobe can play a major role in the decluttering process. Clothing is transient. That is, it journeys around the home from closet to washing basket, to washing machine, to drier, to ironing basket then back the closet or wardrobe. Putting the clothes back in place can be a daunting task-unless you are organized. ironing Closet Organisation

Empty your closet including all drawers, then place like items together.

Sort through each pile, seperating items that no longer fit or are no longer fashionable. Try to be objective, we all have our favourites outfits but more often than not there are items that simply take up wardrobe space that you never wear.


Closet Organiser

Identify clothing that you can fold without creasing to put into drawers. Woollen items are ideal for this and you can free up some closet space to hang other items freely and prevent re-creasing.

If your clothes are mainly seperates that require a shorter hanging space, perhaps you can adjust your existing wardrobe to double hanging rods. Alternatively store longer garments at one end and the shorter garments at the other end of the closet which folded items can be stored beneath.

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