Cleaning Wood (hardwood) Floors – How to?

Spring Cleaning Tips

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Gone are the days when many of us had linoleum (lino) throughout the house, with maybe a piece of carpeting in the sittng room. Todays flooring varies greatly, not only from house to house but also room to room. It is important to apply the correct cleaning procedures dependant on the type of flooring in order for the flooring to look good and last longer.

Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Brushing and Vaccuuming

Hardwood floors needn’t be high maintenance if you know how to look after them. The importance of removing dirt regularly to avoid scratching cannot be over-emphasised.. Brushing with a soft bristle brush or vacuuming with a soft brush attachment a couple of times a week is recommended to remove the dirt and grit that can scratch the surface of the wooden floor.


Water is the enemy of wood floors so always use a damp mop to avoid excess water seeping into the seams. Wherever possible use a dedicated wood floor cleaning as soap based detergents and cleaning agents can strip the polish from your floor and leave it looking dull.

buffing and waxing

Adhere to the manufacturers guidelines or seek professional help as not all hardwood floors are the same. This may be costly, so ideally minimize the general wear and tear of your wooden floor on a daily basis to reduce the need for polishing and waxing.

Moving Furniture

Never drag furniture across a wooden floor as this will leave it scratched. Whenever possible lift furniture and use pads under legs to reduce the risk of scratching in daily cleaning.

Restore Your Floor The Natural Way

The tanin in tea is a natural colour restorer for hardwood. Place two teabags in a jug of boiling water and leave to cool down. Pour the liquid into a spray bottle then dividing your area into sections, lightly spray directly onto the floor then buff with a soft cloth.

Rugs and Door mats

Rugs and mats are ideal for protecting your hardwood floor when placed in high traffic areas. Dirt and grime can however collect underneath therefore clean underneath them regularly and vacuum – using the soft brush extension at least once per week.

Removing scuff marks

Whenever possible follow the manufacturers guidelines. Black marks can however be removed by gentle rubbing with a tennis ball. For the less agile simply make a small vertical then horizontal cut (wide enough to put a broom hand through securely)into a tennis ball to make a cross then insert the handle.

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