Cleaning Silk Fabric - scarves, sheets, ties, blouses, dresses and pajamas

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"How do I clean silk fabric?"

Cleaning silk fabric such as scarves, sheets, ties, blouses,

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dresses and pajamas shouldn’t be too much of an ordeal. That’s because here at OPH Good Housekeeping & Homemaking we have come up with some handy hints, tips and advice in order to show you how to clean silk without ruining it.

Firstly, when you discover a stain on your silk scarf or favourite blouse it’s best to act immediately, failure to do so will result in the mark or stain becoming more difficult to remove.

When the initial horror of finding the stain dissipates see to it that you don’t treat the area with water as this could ruin the silk fabric. What you need to do is grab yourself a paper towel and some stain remover. Once you have retrieved these items use the paper towel to dab on a small amount of stain remover onto the effected area.

After this homemaking task has been completed leave alone for a few seconds and then proceed to blot the mark or stain with a second paper towel.

If you don’t have any stain remover at hand another good cleaning technique you can use – especially on smaller silk items such as handkerchiefs, ties and scarves - is to place a thick soft towel onto the radiator, pop the item (stain side up) onto it and lightly spray the mark with cold water, please ensure the you don’t drench it though. Once you have completed this task grab yourself a nice absorbent piece of kitchen towel and blot the damp area. Leave the silk garment on the towel and radiator overnight and fingers crossed the stain should be gone before you wake.

The final tip I have for cleaning silk fabric especially when the stain is grease based such as cooking oil or butter is to use a powder on it. My preferred choice here would be talcum powder or corn starch. As you might have already guessed this cleaning task will help you absorb a lot the grease before too much damage has been done. Leave the item lying flat - with the powder still in place - over night to allow for optimum absorption.

When you awake grab yourself a soft piece of kitchen towel and gently brush the powder away. There is a good chance that the stain won’t have fully gone as this application can take a few processes before the desired result can be seen, therefore follow the steps until you’re happy,

If you try these tips and the stain still hasn’t gone the last resort is to take your silk fabrics to a professional dry-cleaners; although it’s generally not recommended to do this it could be your only hope.

That’s how to clean silk fabric. Good luck and happy homemaking.

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