Tips on Cleaning Ice From A Windscreen / Windshield


Cleaning ice from a windscreen during the cold winter months needn't be such an ordeal with my following cleaning tips and advice. Not only will I tell you how to clean a way the unwanted ice, I will tell you how to prevent or reduce the build up of ice on your car.

Removing Ice From A Car

One of the first things to remember and more importantly, is not to expose the windscreen to high temperatures from the off.; doing so will more than likely crack the window, through expansion.

Now that we have sorted out the problems of heating your windscreen too quickly we can now get on to removing the ice from it.

1) The first task in de-icing your car's windscreen is to prepare a solution of 250ml of water and 250 ml of ethanol and pour into a spraying bottle. If you can't get your hands on ethanol you can replace it win vinegar.

2) The second thing to do in cleaning ice from a windscreen is to dig out something to scrape the ice off. Something made from hard plastic should do the job.

3) The third item on the to do list is to turn on your cars engine. (Ensure that you don't leave it unattended).

) 3) Now you need to turn your car's system onto the highest setting and the defroster fan to a low one.

4) Remember the solution of water and ethanol / vinegar you concocted? Well it is time to put it to some use. Spray the mixture all over the iced windscreen.

5) When you have applied a liberal amount of de-icer to the windshield use the scraper you set aside in step 2 and scrape downwards in short shallow motion, working your way into the middle of the screen - ensure that you are not too rough in your actions as you don't want to scratch the glass.

6) Your windscreen should now be free of ice.

Removing Ice From A Car – How to Prevent Your Windscreen From Freezing

A better solution on cleaning ice from your car's windscreen is to prevent it from icing up in the first place. The following tips will limit the chances of the your window screen from giving you the cold shoulder.

Garage - The best solution to prevent your windscreen from freezing is to keep it in a garage or nearby lock-up. Doing so will not only limit the ice build up, it will keep it safe from harm.

Plastic Hood - If you're not lucky enough to have a garage to park your car over night. You can cover it with a plastic hood. These can be purchased from most hardware stores. In replacement of the hood idea you can cover your windscreen with a blanket and weigh it down with a couple of heavy object; doing this will make the ice stick to it and the car windscreen underneath ice free.

Ethanol and Water Mixture - Remember that solution of 250ml of water and ethanol? Well you can also use this as an affective ant-freeze method. Before you go bed, spray a healthy amount of the solution on your car's windows. Undertaking this task will reduce the chances of frosting from taking grip.

Soapy Water - Another weapon in the fight of cleaning ice from a car windscreen is to wash up with a solution of washing up liquid and clean water. For this to work you need to use plenty of washing up liquid. When the soap suds disappear tit will leave a protective film across the window.

Patio Heater - This tip is an affective method in preventing your car from frosting over. If you can safely place the patio heater as near to the car as possible, do so. When you have safely placed it turn it on to a low heat. The radiating heat should provide enough warmth to stop your car's windows from freezing.

Thank you from reading my tips on cleaning ice from a windscreen. I hope you found them useful.

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