Cleaning A Fish Tank – Spring Cleaning Tips


Cleaning a fish tank needn't be a difficult, mundane or strenuous task. The spring cleaning tips within this article will help you make the most of your allotted cleaning time. Without further ado let's get started.

Cleaning A Fish Tank

1) The first thing you need to do before you start cleaning a fish tank is to remove the fish from the bowl and place them into another receptacle containing water. Ensure that you place them in water with a similar temperature to that you removed them from, as not to shock them. A good tip here is to remove water from the dirty fish tank to place the fish into, whilst you clean their home.

2) Now that the fish are safely on their mini-vacations you can go about cleaning the bowl. Remove all objects from the fish bowl such as ornaments and place on the side.

3) For this section you'll need an old sieve. Place any gravel into this and leave on the side for later cleaning.

4) Now that you have cleared the fish tank of all items, pour away the dirty water. Fill the tank with warm water and scrub all sides of the fish tank to remove all the greenish-brown debris, before pouring this (now) dirty water away.

5) You'll probably find that the fish tank looks clean but is smeared. To rectify this re-fill the tank with warm water once more and clean all sides of it. You might need to follow steps 4 and 5 again to meet your fishes expectations. If you have trouble cleaning the corners of the tank use an old toothbrush.

6) When you and your fish are satisfied that the tank is clean, mix together a solution of 150 ml vinegar and 250 ml water and place into a spray bottle. Spray some of the contents on the inside and outside of the tank and clean away with a damp cloth. Doing this will make the glass sparkle and shine.

7) Before you place any water and the fish back into their tank you'll want to clean the ornaments and gravel. Therefore grab the gravel that is residing in the old sieve and rinse it under warm water, running it through your hands to clean. N.B. Do not use cleaning products on the gravel and ornaments as this may poison your fish.

8) With the gravel nice and clean, move onto the ornaments. Rinse these under warm water and scrub with a brush. You can use an old toothbrush to get into hard to reach places.

9)Now place the gravel, ornaments, water and finally fish back into their bowl.

Thank you for taking a look at my article on cleaning a fish tank, I hope you found it useful. Why not check out my other Spring Cleaning Tips.

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