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Homemaking involves - amongst other things - making sure the house is clean and tidy, so below we have come up with some superb ideas to help you create a hygenic and clean bathroom.

Baths & Sinks

  • Remove scum and stubborn marks from baths,sinks and shower cubicles with half a lemon covered with a sprinkling of baking powder. the non-abrasive texture guarantees no scratches. Better still, avoid scum build up altogether by changing to liquid soap.

  • Tiles, mirrors and paintwork sparkle like new when cleaned with a vinegar and water solution.

  • Give taps and stainless steel fittings a mirror shine, polish with baby oil and a dry soft cloth.

  • Another good bathroom cleaning tip is to give the bath/sink a quick dry after you have used them. This will stop the water droplets from drying, leaving those unsightly ring marks in your sink or bath.

  • If you have a bath mat in your bathroom it is a good idea to remove it from the bath – when not in use – and hang it over the side. You need to do this, because, if it is left in the bath after use it will create a haven for breeding germs.

  • To clean sensitive brass taps all you need to do is get a bowl, pour salt into it, now get a lemon, cut it in half and dip the cut side into the salt and proceed to wipe the taps with it. The theory behind this is that the salt will act as a scouring agent and the lemon juice will remove the grime.
  • Toilets

  • Toilets benefit from a monthly dousing with white vinegar. regular cleaning with white vinegar and a brush prevents unsightly rings forming in toilet bowl.

    Alternatively, why not try Toilet Duck Fresh Brush. Biodegradable cleansing pads impregnated with detergent, to be flushed away after each clean.

  • Mold and mildew can be effectively removed using a 50:50 solution of hydrogen peroxide (which can be purchased at chemists and beauty care suppliers) and water. Spray affected area, repeating if necessary after 2 hours. This solution is environmentally friendly.

  • This bathroom cleaning tip is very good for reducing the build up of mold. If you decide to paint your bathroom (especially the ceiling) with an anti-fungal paint. This will considerably reduce the chances of mould being able to breed.
  • Cost Saving - Dispensing with traditional bathroom cleaning products and replacing with lemon, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide will actually save money.

    Labour Saving - Store these products in plastic containers in the bathroom so that they are easily accessible. Lemon stored in kitchen foil will stay fresh for a couple of weeks.


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