Barty McHandy

barty mchandy

Hi, all. My name is Barty McHandy, I am the helpful mascot of and I like smiling and bringing you fabulous internet people Handy hints, tips and advice.

I was created by Sir Nicholas because my knowledge of all things cleaning surpasses that of any human mind, well his mind anyway. Shh don't tell him I said that. Between you and me he is very touchy.

Anyway, you will see me around my new home at, sharing my pearls of wisdom. You can even ask me questions through the links on the pages you see me on. Don't be shy. I like you already and would enjoy very much if you were to be my friend. The more friends I have the more I smile

Oh, before I forget (not that usually happens hehe) I am very excited. Wait for it... I have created an account with Facebook ( Add me here) and I would love all you wonderful people to add me as a friend, so I can share my cleaning tips with you, which will make you smile like me. Did I mention I like smiling.

I look forward to making your acquaitance.

WIth love.


Now that we are friends ask me anything you want