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Clean Sweep, Issue #002 -- Innovative ways to remove pet hair from clothes
August 03, 2011

Clean Sweep

“My idea of housework is to sweep the floor with a glance.” (anon)

In This Issue:

Removing pet hair from furnishings
Hair loss by pets is a natural occurrence. How much your pet malts is triggered by external factors that can be controlled ...

Choosing a vacuum cleaner
Upright cleaners are better suited to a larger living space, cylinder vacs are more compact ...

How to clean an iron
Remove that brown starchy substance from the plate with a mixture of baking soda and water ...

Cleaning granite counter tops
Never use an abrasive substance ...

Natural cleaning products and uses:
Lime pieces- effective odour eater for waste disposal systems.
Oyster shell – place in kettle to draw the limescale to it. Repace every few weeks.
Banana peel – rub the fleshy side onto shoes then polish with a dry cloth to a beautiful shine.

Just a thought

A study of 3,500 British couples found that the more the husbands helped with household chores, the lower the incidence of divorce...

Source:The London School of Economics (2010)

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